Greta is a designer, artist, and writer who cares a lot about vernaculars, subculture, queerness, social engagement, DIY, poetry, and a bunch of other things. In the past, they've worked at Open, Rodrigo Corral Studio, RISD, and Barnes & Noble online. Besides art and design, Greta enjoys dogs, sad music, and Chinese food.

Greta is currently in their fourth year in the graphic design department at the Rhode Island School of Design, working on Eastern Exposure Tour: a thesis project about music, design fictions, and histories of marginalized communities.

Résumé available upon request.

Time Be My Bulldozer (2017)

An illustrated book of poetry about the everyday tension between present and future. Paperback, 156 pages.

Flang (2017)

Flang is a ~*pragmatic yet playful*~ typeface designed for setting long bodies of text. It's heavily inspired by Times New Roman, but the lack of top serifs in many glyphs adds a calligraphic flair to the face. If you want a copy, email me!

Flang Regular was designed over the course of four months under the guidance and supervision of Richard Lipton (of FontBureau). Many thanks, Richard!

Rome Prize (2017)

Call for applications poster for the American Academy in Rome. Designed at Open, under the guidance of Martha Kang McGill and Scott Stowell.

Coldman (2016-present)

Design and art direction for three studio albums by Coldman.

My Dick Works Fine, 2017

Neurotika, 2016

Graceful Decadence, 2015

RAID (2017-present)

Logo, posters, screenprinted ephemera for student collective RAID (RISD Asian Intersections + Diaspora). Tote bags and other printed matter were silkscreened live at the group's launch party and handed out to guests.

All materials designed and fabricated with Mostyn Griffith.

Live silkscreening at the Launch Party

Poster for a collaborative event with Brown University

Don't Take This Too Seriously (2017)

A small publication that unfolds into a double-sided poster.

Working Queer Design Principles (2017)

A pair of Google docs (one editable by myself and one editable to the public), creating community by allowing queer-identified creatives to reflect on how their queerness intersects with their practice.

Visit the website!

Mitski (2016)

Flyers for Mitski's Halloween show at the Columbus Theater in Providence, RI.

Farmer's Market / RIPTA Campaign (2016)

This was a DIY branding campaign promoting the Wintertime Farmer's Market in Pawtucket to local underserved communities. I wanted to welcome riders of the Rhode Island bus system (RIPTA) into the farmer's market, a space often seen as inaccessible and bourgeois. Many RIPTA riders live in federally-recognized food deserts, so I wanted to spread the word about grocery options people may not have known about.

I used bright, friendly colors to attract attention and let people know food stamps and SNAP benefits could be used at the market. Materials were printed inexpensively and applied quickly to bus stops and signs in and around Pawtucket.

Laminated signs in bus shelters explaining the Food Stamp / SNAP benefits in detail

Small stickers pointing out the location of the market

A proposed "free ride" bus pass to be given to RIPTA riders when they shop at the farmer's market

Larger informational stickers

Otl Aicher (2015)

An accordion book celebrating the work and legacy of designer Otl Aicher. Made for Doug Scott's History of Graphic Design class at RISD.

Carrie & Lowell Liner Notes (2016)

This 200-page book is a set of "crowdsourced" liner notes for the album "Carrie & Lowell" by Sufjan Stevens (Athsmatic Kitty Records, 2015). The content is made up of Google search results that satisfy the query "sufjan stevens carrie & lowell": the internet's collective responses to a deeply personal album.

A Flag to Mourn the Loss of Ambiguity (2018)

Hand-sewn felt flag.

Future Prisons (2017)

A study from a larger project about the for-profit prison industry in the US.

Imagery: "future prisons" randomly generated using existing segments of private properties owned by CoreCivic, one of two major corporations that own most of the private prisons in the United States. These fictional prisons were assembled programmatically in Processing. Audio: CoreCivic commercial.

Move to California With Me (2017)

3'x5' digitally printed flag.

General Tso's Unboxing (2017)

Strange Bed (2016)

Six mixed media collages made using two colors (orange and green) and black.

Various sketches/explorations that don't belong anywhere else :)